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The children supported by AKT live in a large rented house. From time to time the building and its environs require action to make it safer, more comfortable and more hygienic.



  • Capping the septic tank which only had a few rough planks laid across it.

  • Providing two bicycles, one for a secondary school student who was walking over 2 hours a day to get to school, one for the gardener.

  • Commissioning the making of 4 sets of standard metal bunk beds and two sets of small bunk beds (for small children), provided lots of mattresses, blankets and sheets and waterproof sheets.

  • Providing floor to ceiling shelving in the food store.

  • Providing colourful plastic tables and chairs which are used by the pre-school class for lessons and also used for dining.

  • Providing a fridge so the fruit and vegetables will last longer.

  • Commissioning the making of 5 sets of shelves for the children to store their clothes and personal belongings.

  • Arranging for inspection, testing and repairs to the electrical wiring system which had not been used for a long time.

  • Repairing a myriad of door handles, windows, beds, ceilings, taps, basins and provided lots and lots of paint.

AKT welcomes donations to support this ongoing program.

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