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When we first visited the Save Africa Orphanage (SAO) funds had been found to enrol about ten children in primary school. However, several children of primary school age were still attending the SAO pre-school class.

We began to offer Arusha Kids Trust (AKT) School Scholarships based on age – the oldest children first.



On-going school sponsorship is extremely important for these children. It provides certainty that their school fees can be paid each year. Sponsors are kept updated with school results, photos and information from our visits. Initially sponsors commit to supporting a child through their primary education. 


Twenty children now have AKT scholarships to primary school. Fourteen attend Haradali Primary School, one girl goes to Same Hill Primary School and five children are at Blue Sky Primary School. In the national Tanzanian Primary School Leaving Exams (PSLE)  each of these schools was placed in the top 3% of primary schools in Tanzania. The PSLE exams are sat by all students in Class 7, the final year of primary school.

Six older children have AKT scholarships to attend secondary school. Some secondary schools are selective, so the grade that students achieve in the PSLE affects which school they can enrol in.

One young man is in the final year of a three year auto mechanic course at Arusha Technical College.

Please note that there are other individuals supporting children living at SAO. These children attend two other nearby primary schools.


We offer both full and part school sponsorship. Part sponsors pay 1/3 of the cost, with three part sponsors paying for the education of one child. 

Click on the "Sponsorship" button to learn more about becoming a School Sponsor.


AKT welcomes donations for essential school supplies and uniform.


During our visits to Arusha, we organise for everyone to be fitted with school shoes from one of the many second-hand markets in Arusha.


In our first foray into the markets, with a clutch of children in tow, we realised it would be far easier for everyone if the shoes came to us!  The shoe seller brings large sacks of secondhand school shoes to SAO and we assist in fitting the children with comfy shoes.

We provide text books for the growing number of children advancing to secondary school and geometry sets for those entering Class 4 in primary school. We also check on school uniforms and organise for repairs or replacements as necessary. We provide raincoats and boots for when the rains come, and lots of school backpacks.

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