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How it started

When we first visited the SAO Orphanage there were many children too old to be in the pre-school classroom there.

We looked for a good primary school in the area then began to offer AKT Education Scholarships based on need – the oldest children first.

Fifteen children now have AKT scholarships to Haradali Primary School. The 2017 results from this school in the national Tanzanian Primary School Leaving Exams (PSLE)  placed it in the top 1% of primary schools in Tanzania. The PSLE exams are sat by all students in Class 7, the final year of primary school.

Four older children have AKT scholarships to attend secondary school. Some secondary schools are selective so the grade they achieve in the PSLE affects which school they can enrol in.

On-going school sponsorship is extremely important for these children. It provides certainty that their school fees can be paid each year. Sponsors are kept updated with school results, photos and information from our visits. Sponsors commit to supporting a child throughout their education. Five of our Sponsors are from outside Australia.

How to sponsor a child from Australia:  

Full Sponsorship costs $720 per annum (due in January) or $60 per month paid by EFT.

Part Sponsorship $240 per annum or $20 a month by EFT.

Payments are made into the AKT bank account.

How to sponsor a child from Overseas:

Full Sponsorship costs US$ 600 per year (due in January) or US$50 per month.

Part Sponsorship $US200 per annum or $US20 a month.

Payments are made into the AKT Paypal account.

Which child will you sponsor?

Thank you for considering joining this Program. 

Please contact us and we will provide information about the children needing sponsorship.   


Button Here to Sponsorship       










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How it started

Kathy Green was a volunteer at the SAO Orphanage in 2014. Towards the end of her stay Kathy took three of the children to the local clinic where one of them was diagnosed with Vitamin A deficiency.  The doctor at the clinic said that the three children were all showing signs of malnutrition. The doctor advised that the children needed milk, fruit and vegetables, meat and eggs on a regular basis.

As all the children at the Orphanage had the same basic diet of rice, beans and wheat it was reasonable to assume they were all malnourished.

Vitamin A deficiency (Wikipedia:)

Approximately 250,000 to 500,000 malnourished children in the developing world go blind each year from a deficiency of vitamin A, approximately half of whom die within a year of becoming blind. The United Nations Special Session on Children in 2002 set a goal of the elimination of vitamin A deficiency by 2010.

On her return to Australia Kathy asked for donors prepared to donate $10 or more per MONTH. $10 is sufficient to provide the foods recommended by the doctor to one child for a whole month.


The Food

The program commenced in December 2014. Food is purchased each Monday from the Central Market in Arusha and delivered to the Orphanage. This is made possible with the help of an Australian woman, Jodie Condell who runs a not-for profit Malaika Mdogo in Arusha.

Each week sufficient food is delivered for each child to have 2 eggs, a serve of meat, a serve of lentils, 300 ml milk, 3 serves of fruit and several serves of vegetables

Duration of the program

Between when the Supplementary Food Program began in December 2014 to the end of December 2017 we organised 160 weekly deliveries of this Supplementary Food.

Cost of the program

By 2017 there were 54 children living at the Orphanage. In the year 2017-18 the cost of the food supplied is $A 125 per week or $A 6500 per annum.

Become an SFP Donor

Although we have over 30 people donating to this program we do need additional donors to support the children recently arrived.

If you would like to become a regular donor to the Supplementary Food Program please contact us through this website or by email to Button Needed

SFP donors living in Australia can make monthly EFT payments or an annual payment to the AKT bank account.

Overseas SFP donors donate using our Paypal Account.



At least one Trustee ​visits Arusha and spends time at the SAO Orphanage each year. This gives us the opportunity to discuss with staff the priorities for repairs and improvements to the rented premises from which the Orphanage operates.


We also organise for everyone to be fitted with school shoes from one of the many second-hand markets in Arusha. After our first foray into the markets with a clutch of children in tow we realised it would be far easier for everyone if the shoes came to us!  

We provide text books for the growing number of children advancing to secondary school and geometry sets for those entering Class 4 at school. We also check on school uniforms and organise for repairs or replacements as necessary.

The funding for all of these activities comes from fundraising events in Australia or from appeals for general donations before we travel.

 Since 2014 we have:


Capped the septic tank which was open topped and covered with planks.


Provided two bicycles, one for a secondary school student who was walking over 2 hours a day to get to school, one for the gardener.






Commissioned the making of 4 sets of standard metal bunk beds and two sets of small bunk beds (for small children), provided lots of mattresses, blankets and sheets and waterproof sheets.








Provided floor to ceiling shelving in the food store.

Arranged for inspection, testing and repairs to the electrical wiring system which had not been used for a long time.


Repaired a myriad of door handles, windows, beds, ceilings, taps, basins and provided well over 40 litres of paint.

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